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We have been asked if we would consider opening on a Thursday evening so we are going to give this a go!!  For the next couple of weeks we will be opening at 5pm  (calling last orders at 9.30pm and leave at 10.30pm). This is a trial to see how it goes, fingers crossed this is financially viable for us and we can make this a permanent opening night for us, times are not set in stone but we will see how we go.


As it is a Thursday we will be running the Beer Raffle where you can win £50 worth of beer for as little as 1p – you have to be in it to win it!!


The beer promotion this week is Guinness, Tetley Smooth and Tetley Mild at £2.25 a pint 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺 .


Just to confirm our opening times this week are:

Thursday 5pm, Friday 4.30pm, Saturday 12 Noon and Sunday 12 Noon.


We are happy to announce that we have re-opened.

We have reduced opening hours at the moment and they currently are:

Friday 4.30pm – 11pm

Saturday 12 Noon – 11pm

Sunday 12 Noon – 7pm

We are temporarily closed Monday to Thursdays but this is under review.

Please note at the moment our opening times remain the same but depending on viability we may call last orders a little earlier.

Things will be very different and we ask for your patience and understanding whilst we all adapt to our new environment.  We ask any member showing any signs of Covid symptoms NOT to come into the club to protect both our staff and other members.

We kindly ask all our members to follow all the Government guidance and the new procedures that we have had to put in place, one way system, sanitizing hands on a regular basis, 1m+ social distancing ruling etc. 

These will be strictly adhered to.  We have to start with baby steps and learn as we go along.  All updates will be put onto our facebook page and website

What can you expect when you come back into our Club?

For the foreseeable our opening times are changing.  We will be closed on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday.

Please remember this is new to us all and we are on a learning curve each day that we open.

All of our new procedures will be under constant review to ensure what we are doing is viable for the club.  Any of the above can be subject to change with little notice. If anyone has any ideas to improve anything we are doing please let us know we are always happy to listen.

  • You will be expected to use your fob to gain entry into the club and then sanitize your hands using the dispenser situated at the front door (on the right hand side wall as you come in the front door).
  • Members MUST sign the form in the foyer giving their contact details accordingly, we legally have to keep a record of each person who visits the club just in case Track and Trace is required.
  • You will then follow a one-way system around the club via the floor signage in place down the main corridor into the Sports Bar as this is the only bar that will be open to take orders. At the bar you will place your order (screens are in place for our staff’s safety and they will be provided with a visors for their safety as they may be unable to maintain the 1m+ rule).  You will pay for your order at the bar and let the staff know whether you are sat in the sports bar, lounge or outside.  We ask that you pay for your order wherever possible by contactless payment but cash will be taken.  Your drinks order and receipt will then be brought to your table by one of our staff who will be wearing a face mask.  If you wish to tip the staff money this can be left on your table and they can collect when you leave as all tables will be sanitised when empty.
  • There will be no standing at the bar under any circumstances other than to order and pay for your drinks.
  • Government ruling states that inside TWO HOUSEHOLDS ONLY are permitted to sit together BUT there is to be NO MORE THAN 6 people in any group. This will be strictly reinforced by our staff so if you are asked to move seats because of this ruling please do not be rude or abusive to our staff – they are only obeying the Government rulings. 
  • We are making our members aware now that currently, the playing of cards and dominoes will not be allowed we are awaiting guidelines from Trafford Council on the use of gaming machines, pool, darts and snooker.
  • At the moment, we are only permitted to show any sports on our TV’s with very little volume and if we play music at all it will be background music only so no one raises their voices, Government rulings not ours.  We have adapted our sports bar and lounge to accommodate the current 1meter+ ruling.  If the weather is nice people are able to sit outside, if it rains and there is no room inside the sports bar or lounge you are able to sit in the concert room but please sanitise your hands when re-entering the club.  At the moment we will be able to show BT Sports and any freeview sports but not Sky Sports for the time being.
  • The gaming machines will hopefully be open very soon and when they are we ask each person playing on them to sanitise before and after use.
  • Once someone leaves the club the table cannot be re-used until it has been sanitised by our staff whether this be inside or outside the club, if we are busy we kindly ask for your patience until our staff are able to sanitise the table etc.
  • There are hand sanitizers outside each toilet we ask that you use these before entering the toilet and upon leaving. The toilet doors will be propped open as we want our members to follow a 1 in 1 out basis.  Some of the toilets/urinals have been closed off.  The toilets will be checked on a regular basis by the staff or Exec Committee.
  • There will be no smoking at the front door only around the back near the bowling green, we ask for all members to stick to the 1m+ rule whilst having a cigarette and to use the hand sanitizer when you come back into the club.
  • Anyone who is rude or abusive or not following the rules and procedures will be asked to leave immediately.  The local authorities are keeping a close watch on all pubs and clubs and will issue fines to anyone not following the guidelines and we will not allow anyone to jeopardise our club’s licence, so we ask you all to help keep us open and everyone can enjoy our club again.  We are here to listen to any recommendations you may have to make your visits to the club more enjoyable and if viable and permitted we will do our best to do this.  Again, all of the above are under constant review and could be changed with very little notice. 

If you are asked to leave on more than one occasion for not adhering to the rules you may be putting your membership in jeopardy.  Please be aware this is all new not only to you but to our lovely staff  so we will all need time to adapt and ask for your patience during these strange times.  Please support your local friendly club, we have missed you!

Whilst the club is closed members can contact a mobile number with any enquiries this is 07895 376201.

Race Night

 Entry on the night is £1 and this buys you the Racing programme for the evening

St. Patrick's Day special!

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